Notes from 'Time well spent', a national survey on volunteer experience

You are reading a 10 page summary of a 100 page analysis of 10,000 answers to a UK volunteer survey. These notes are focused specifically on younger volunteers.


Perils of code refactors

Code refactors are a tricky thing. It's easy when wearing an engineer hat to focus too much on the correctness of the code. Incorrect code feels like having a dirty house and refactoring is a way to make it feel clean again. We've got to be particularly careful that we don't refactor with a 'grass is greener on the other side' bias, as then all the work will have been for almost nothing. Does that new way of doing things really solve a problem you're frequently running into that significantly slowing you down?


9 Things I would change about Notion's UI/UX

I have been using Notion a bunch recently. It's great. I wrote this post to share my thinking around some small design choices in Notion. My goal was a humble exploration of the incredible nuance and detail involved with crafting a great product. My suggestions are all tiny and they're not priorities for Notion, nor are they meant to be. I would much rather have the Notion API released a tiny bit sooner than any of these changes made 🙂 This article might be a bit hard to follow if you're not familiar with Notion.


Systematic nudges for healthier digital habits

Here's a list of nudges I use to reduce addictive/thoughtless consumption of the digital